On April 8th, 2007, Pastor Kenneth J. Claytor started Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Gainesville, Florida. And today, in only a few short years, Spirit of Faith is a fast growing ministry with hundreds of partners from all over the world of different ages, races, and backgrounds. It addition, it consists of two locations covering both the east and west sides of Gainesville and, through its work, has seen thousands of souls saved, set free, and delivered.

Right out of college, Ken Claytor found himself in a failing marriage, he owed $100,000 in debt, and was really struggling to get ahead in life. However, in September of 2000, he and his wife Tabatha joined Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Maryland, where they were filled with the Holy Spirit, taught the Word of God, and learned how to apply that Word to create a victorious life. With this new found knowledge, Ken Claytor became a successful Real Estate Broker and Investor in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. In addition, he served his Pastor faithfully as an armor bearer, was a member on the ministry's board of directors, and graduated Cum Laude from the Spirit of Faith Bible Institute.

But, it was in 2005 that Pastor Ken heard and received the call to start Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Gainesville. At the time, he did not know one person in the city and, in reality, only one person in the entire state of Florida! However, unlike the rich young ruler, he was willing to forsake his successful businesses and all that he had to answer the call of God and bring a life changing Word to the region. He stepped out in faith, packed up his wife and young daughter, and moved to Gainesville, Florida in January 2007 with a word from God, the blessing of his Pastor, and a vision in his heart.

Since then, Pastor Ken teaches the Word of God in simplicity and in power. He shares in a practical and powerful way so that the Word is easy to apply to the lives of all who hear and receive. His humorous teachings and life examples cause a deeper understanding, bring the joy of the Lord, and give encouragement that is necessary to walk by faith and not by sight.

Ken Claytor is the founder and Senior Pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center Gainesville. He is a community leader, a motivational speaker, and hosts a weekly television broadcast called Faith Today. He is also the founder and president of the Spirit of Faith School of Ministry. Ken Claytor resides in Gainesville, Florida with his wife Tabatha and their three children Hannah, Charity, and Kenneth II.